The original Joy Drink, Kickapoo Joy Juice is a citrus-flavored soft drink named after a fictional beverage from the long-running comic strip, "Li'l Abner." Since its launch in 1965, Kickapoo Joy Juice has delighted soda drinkers all around the world with its amazing citrus taste. 

The remainder of the Kickapoo beverage line is rounded out by the great-tasting flavors: Fruit Shine, Maliblu and Fuzzy Navel. 

  • Fruit Shine is a sangria-flavored soft drink packed with an amazing fruit taste.
  • Maliblu is a pina colada-flavored soft drink with a coconut and pineapple flavor that will practically make you feel the sand between your toes. 
  • Fuzzy Navel is a wondrously flavorful soft drink with a savory peach taste.

Kickapoo Joy Drinks consist of four delicious flavors that are sure to bring out your joy face.


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